Derry Community Access Media

All About Us

Derry Community Access Media operates the media center for the Town of Derry, NH. This includes operation of the Government Channel (DerryTV 17,) the Public Access Channel (DerryTV 23,) our online streaming and video on demand platforms. Programming 95.1 LP-FM radio, and operating our MediaLAB.

In order to serve the community, we are broadening our scope with our commitment to further the use of emerging digital media alongside our conventional distribution channels.

By pairing the power of the latest cost-effective broadcast and production technology available with the creative energy of our community, we will provide coverage of local events and opportunities of engagement in the media that matters most to the viewers and patrons we serve. 

Events and Shows

DerryCAM covers a multitude of events throughout the year such as DerryFest, Frost Fest, Veterans Day ceremonies, and more!

Daily programs produced by residents provide an entertaining local viewpoint on what is happening in our community. The Veteran’s Forum, Derry Open MicIt’s your Move, Mental Health Matters and Bettering Our Community are proudly produced or are in development at our station along with upcoming coverage of local athletics and town sponsored events.

Internally produced programming includes important events such as DerryFest, The Holiday Parade, and other ceremonies and celebrations important to our community. 

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