Derry Police Recognition Ceremony 2022

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On Dec. 14th, the Derry Police Department welcomed new recruits and celebrated recent promotions and retirements at the Derry Police Recognition Ceremony. The Derry Municipal Center was packed with friends, family, and officers ready to support their loved ones. 

This ceremony was special as the new Chief of Police, George Feole, was officially sworn in. Chief Feole became the new Chief of Police following the retirement of Former Chief Edward Garone who had served as Derry’s Chief of Police for over 50 years. In his speech, Chief Feole said of Garone; “His passion for the job of chief never waned over those 50 years he served the town of Derry.”

Chief Feole was not the only one being sworn in on this occasion. A member of each rank in the agency was sworn in from patrolmen to chief. Including the position of Animal Control Officer which was filled after several months of being vacant. One Officer, Lieutenant Michael Muncey, was also recognized for his upcoming retirement in January.

The mission of the Derry Police Department is “to enforce the laws of society, maintain order in the community, protect life and property,and to assist the public at large in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity of all persons as provided for by the law and under the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of New Hampshire.” The officers sworn in are all dedicated to this cause. DerryCAM on the behalf of the community, congratulates all of those recognized today.

Promoted Officers

Chief George R. Feole

Captain David M. Michaud

Lieutenant Ryan O’Rourke

Lieutenant Chris Talbot

Sergeant Adam Petkus

Sergeant Samuel Troy

New Officers

Officer Jennifer Bello-Grullon

Officer Andrew Noorigian

Officer Joshua Owen

Officer Kali Bergeron

Part-Time Prosecutor

Steven Ranfos

Animal Control Officer

Melinda Patterson

Retired Officer

Lieutenant Michael Muncey


Check out the video for the full ceremony.

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