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Town and School Election

By Katherine Mashimo / 10:55 AM / Comments Off on Town and School Election

Vote for your picks of town officials at the 2023 Town & School Elections on Tuesday March 14th, 2022 at Calvary Bible Church. For More Info. Derrynh.org/

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State General Election

By Katherine Mashimo / 4:32 PM / Comments Off on State General Election

Get out to vote! The 2022 State General Elections will be held at Calvary Bible Church at 145 Hampstead Rd on November 8th from 7am-8pm. Vote for State level officials such as State Representative, Governor, Senator, and other positions. For More Info. Derrynh.org/

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2022 NH State Primary

By Katherine Mashimo / 2:47 PM / Comments Off on 2022 NH State Primary

Vote at the 2022 State Primary Elections! Polling location is Calvary Bible Church at 145 Hampstead Rd. Click here to learn how to register to vote! For More Info. Derrynh.org/

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Call to Candidates Deadline

By Katherine Mashimo / 10:09 AM / Comments Off on Call to Candidates Deadline

If you’re running for office in the 2022 State Elections, DerryCAM is offering you the opportunity to talk to the residents of Derry, to introduce yourself, your ideas, and your platform for the upcoming election Click Here to find out more or go to Derrycam.org/Election-central

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