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Genealogy Series: Ancestry Skills 101

By Katherine Mashimo / 10:52 AM / Comments Off on Genealogy Series: Ancestry Skills 101

Brush up on the basics of how to follow your genealogical roots! Derry Public Library is offering a class on how to use the genealogical database, to your advantage! […]

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230907 TL CS

Craft Swap

By Katherine Mashimo / 10:49 AM / Comments Off on Craft Swap

Have too many craft supplies in the back of your closet? Or looking to get into a new hobby? Bring a bag of craft supplies and swap with fellow crafters […]

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Fall 2023 Red Cross Blood Drive

By Owen P. / 11:53 AM / Comments Off on Fall 2023 Red Cross Blood Drive

Donate blood to help save lives! The Derry Public Library is teaming up with Red Cross for another Red Cross Blood Drive. Donate your blood to help someone in need! […]

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Greater Derry’s Got Talent

By Katherine Mashimo / 1:00 PM / Comments Off on Greater Derry’s Got Talent

Have a talent? Join Greater Derry’s Got Talent for the chance to perform at DerryFest! Plus lots of prizes for the winners! Sign up here!

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DerryFest 2023

By Katherine Mashimo / 1:54 PM / Comments Off on DerryFest 2023

Enjoy fun food, entertainment, crafts, games, and lots of community spirit at Derry’s annual town fair, DerryFest!

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Sky Watch at the Taylor Library

By Katherine Mashimo / 4:05 PM / Comments Off on Sky Watch at the Taylor Library

Come watch the Stars. Like gazing at the stars or just want to relax on a nice night? Come to the Taylor Library for a Sky Watch. Bring some friends […]

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