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Explore media with DerryCAM and get more involved in the Derry Community. Please address the FAQ's at the bottom of this page before contacting us, for your question may be answered there.
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Community Matters

Be a Part of the Evolution

We aim to generate and facilitate programing that highlights and enriches Derry’s local culture by being a creative hub for the community’s media engagement and enjoyment.

We offer many ways for individuals and groups to partner in featuring the stories and events relevant to Derry that inform, inspire, enlighten and entertain our community. Pairing the power of our broadcast and production technology with the creative energy of our team, we facilitate increased coverage of local events and opportunity of engagement.

DerryCAM works to increase awareness and enhance community pride and culture. Programs produced by residents provide an entertaining local viewpoint on what is happening in our community. Among others, The Veteran’s Forum, Derry Open MicIt’s your Move, Mental Health Matters, and Derry Horizons are proudly produced or in development at our station.

Why DerryCAM?

In an evolving media landscape, we serve the community by offering increased opportunities for engagement with the Access Center such as the expansion of our Workshop Series, MediaLAB,  internship opportunities, and other ways of getting involved. We are updating our equipment, staffing and training models, as well as expanding the use of social media, streaming, On-Demand, radio and other emerging digital media production and distribution solutions to better serve the community.  

Next Steps

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

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How old do you have to be to be a Contributor/Intern?

Thanks for asking! DerryCAM provides lots of opportunities for volunteering and learning, so we try to provide a good environment for someone younger to really get involved. You may be as young as 15 years old with parental consent for a contributor, but 16 with parental consent for Interning. 18 years and older do not need parental consent and qualify for both positions.

Do I need any prior experience to be involved?

Great question! No, you don’t need any prior experience. Though it may help you, DerryCAM Staff will train you in the equipment we have and in all the parts of production to give you a view of the whole process, start to finish.

How much time do I need to volunteer?

The hours for volunteering depend on what type of member you become. A contributor is required at least 100 hours over the span of a year, while an Intern is required a four month commitment of 3 hours weekly. Of course, life happens, and if for some reason you can not make the 3 hours per week at some point in time (not regularly), agreements can be made around the conflict.

What would I be doing?

It depends on the position you are assuming, but a contributor and intern both will be trained in every aspect of production at DerryCAM. However we will prioritize your interests and what you like best to help you improve and reach your full potentail in the area you enjoy.

When can I visit the studio?

To come in to the studio, please go to the contact us page. There’s a button to guide you there at the top or click here. Please fill out the ‘contact us’ form on the provided page linked above asking to make an appointment. A staff member will get back to you as soon as they can. For reference, appointments are generally made between the hours of 11AM to 3PM. Thank you.

What hours will I have?

Derry Community Access Media has flexible scheduling to provide a schedule that works best for you.

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