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DerryTV 17


We are proud to keep you informed and up to date with important town news and information.

DerryTV broadcasts Town meetings and programs relating to government affairs in Derry.

Channel 17 broadcasts emergency information in a time of need, government meetings, major town events and elections, public service announcements, and special programming.

DerryTV 23

Community Connection

DerryTV 23 offers programs produced on the local, state, regional and national level to provide a diverse offering.

Public access television exists to provide a voice to share interests and viewpoints and learn more about the stories and events that effect their lives in a meaningful way.

Channel 23 promotes community participation, allows opportunity to be trained and create a show or volunteer with DerryCAM, highlights community events, and helps the community stay aware of upcoming events as well as outreach and education efforts.

Social Media

DerryCAM has several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you can find updates on the town, receive announcements, and tune in to what’s going on at the studio!


DerryCAM On YouTube 

DerryCAM has YouTube to help you keep up to date on  happening with productions and shows both remote and in studio! Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe as we post more updated videos and present live streams.

Derry’s Media Evolution

DerryCAM now operates a low powered FM radio station in the town of Derry NH. We play a wide variety of songs that we know you will enjoy. To listen to the radio station, tune in to 95.1 FM to hear Derry’s Evolution Radio! 


Nutfield 300th

Missed the Nutfield 300th? DerryCAM has a collection of videos just for your entertainment! Click the button below to get started.


DerryCAM at the

Derry Public Library

Watch our classic Derry Public Library videos collection by clicking the button. 


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