Call to Candidates

Hello Candidates,

DerryCAM is offering you the opportunity to talk to the residents of Derry, to introduce yourself, your ideas, and your platform for the upcoming election
Candidates running for office can submit a 3-5 minute video. If you need some help creating your video, we've provided some tips to help you out once you fill out the form.

All videos should follow this format:

1. Opening statement (briefly introduce yourself, and the office you are running for)

2. Your briefly stated vision for Derry / New Hampshire.

3. Talk about up to three of your priority issues and how you will address each one.

4. Conclusion

5. How to find out more about you and/or how you may be contacted.

Our goal is to release these as soon as possible to provide the most air time. The sooner you submit, the more exposure your message will receive. Please note, do not share your video until it airs on Derry TV. We will be releasing these on social media for you to share as well.

Visit to see your video or to get an idea of how to create your own Meet the Candidates message

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