Pinkerton Spotlight: PICA Manufacturing Solutions


Pinkerton and PICA - a partnership for Derry’s future professionals 

 “We just made a decision to stay in Derry. We had many factors to consider and one of the bigger factors was that we have this pool of talent from Pinkerton.” 

Rich Shevelow, CEO and Founder, PICA Manufacturing

 Pinkerton Academy can open the doors to many opportunities. The Academy provides many programs to help students move forward in a variety of career fields and interest

 PICA Manufacturing Solutions is a long-standing and important connection with Pinkerton Academy to help students jumpstart their careers. We met with panelists, Doug Cullen (Manager of Career Services), Kassidy Snair (Pinkerton Academy Marketing teacher) Ernie Biron (Pinkerton Academy Engineering teacher), and Rich Shevelow (Founder and CEO of PICA Manufacturing), to discuss how this relationship benefits Pinkerton’s students, PICA Manufacturing, and the Derry community.

Pinkerton Academy has been around for over 200 years. Despite this, their educational methods are far from Victorian. Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a program for students looking to take a different approach to education.The CTE program at Pinkerton is one of 28 regional CTE centers in New Hampshire. According to the New Hampshire CTE website, CTE provides “high school students the chance to explore career opportunities and receive experiential and technical training that prepares them for college and careers.”

The CTE program at Pinkerton “takes learning beyond the classroom, offering students both academic and career-oriented courses that provide various opportunities to gain work experience through internships, job shadowing and on-the-job training.” The program itself offers students hands-on experiences to help them kick start their careers after high school. Students receive opportunities to build their resume in a variety of different careers, some with national certifications

Resume building isn’t all that the Pinkerton CTE program provides. The Pinkerton CTE hosts career, job, and apprenticeship fairs for students to show off their skills. They also partner with real career and industry professionals where students can shadow, intern, or even work to get experience. PICA Manufacturing Solutions is one of these partnerships that has built strong connections with Pinkerton Academy and the CTE program to help students gain real world experiences.

PICA Manufacturing Solutions (PICA) is a global company based in Derry. Several students from Pinkerton Academy work with PICA getting hands-on experiences in the engineering and manufacturing business. Founded in North America, PICA provides extensive experience in flex assemblies, global manufacturing, materials, engineering, and technology development. PICA’s services include manufacturing, program management, and technical expertise among others. The company chooses to stay in Derry NH thanks in part to Pinkerton Academy and its students. According to CEO and Founder, Rich Shevelow; “We just made a decision to stay in Derry. We had many factors to consider and one of the bigger factors was that we have this pool of talent from Pinkerton.” Shevelow recounted how many students have come to PICA to assist in various positions to speed production along. Not only that, but several of PICA’s 

full-time employees are Pinkerton Academy graduates. Shevelow remarked, “We’ve had a lot of really bright students that have been really helpful.”

The partnership between Pinkerton Academy and PICA Manufacturing promises good things for all parties thanks to the fantastic work and mission-driven dedication by staff and faculty at PA.

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