Derry Fire Recognition Ceremony 2022

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On November 3rd, we got to celebrate with the new employees of the Derry Fire Department! The Derry Fire Recognition Ceremony welcomed 10 new recruits and celebrated 6 promotions of outstanding members. However with every new welcome, there’s always a goodbye. Retired Fire Chief Michael Gagnon was among those celebrated for their years of service coming to a close with their retirement. Regardless, he left the future of the Derry Fire Department in great hands.

Check out the video for the full ceremony.

New Personnel:

Admin Secretary Mia Surjadi

Private Ethan Major

Private Cody Vaillancourt

Private Lucas Somers

Private Ethan Hughes

Private Cody Lappas

Private Matthew Whitehead

Private Jacob Carney

Private Robert Chamberlain

Private Basil Sole



Fire Chief James K. Richardson

Assistant Fire Chief Shawn M. Haggart

Battalion Chief Gregory Laro

Lieutenant James Kersten

Lieutenant Stephen Finn

Lieutenant Anthony DeRosa



Fire Chief Michael J. Gagnon

Captain Michael Halpin

Lieutenant Todd Donovan

Firefighter Randall Chase

Firefighter Erik Smith

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